so I have printing questions.

Hey Tumblr! I want to print a book, and I’m trying to decide on which place to go to! I can compare prices/sizing options from various places (I’m mostly eyeing Kablam and ComicsXpress at the moment, but I’ve looked at lulu too) but due to time/money constraints I can’t order a book from each place to check out the actual quality of the finished product.

SO if you guys have any experience with getting a (preferably a comic) book printed up somewhere/bought a book that you know was printed somewhere in particular, can you let me know what you thought?

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  3. eileenpaints said: I can’t say from direct experience, but I’ve been doing research for the anthology I’m organizing and I’ve been hearing really bad things about ComicsXpress so I would avoid them. Kablam and Lulu are good quality.
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